Free download ODIS-E 6.2.2 + PostSetup + Projects (crack)

Download ODIS Engineering 6.2.2!BkUUSIxC!hVzH08R0q6QsMQN83LstKDIVBCPLnWaOJ1dqGeQe01c

ODIS Engineering 6.2.2 + PostSetup + Projects (Multilingual) cracked, with launcher

This is a crack version, released and tested individually (not sure he’s a pro or not)

For sake of safety, use ODIS 3.0.3 with VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054

So far, it’s the safest version that tested by professionals and thousands of cutomers. No issues in basic diagnosis and offline flash!





(BIG THANKS to @blokers77)


ODIS 6.2.2 questions and answers:

Q: How can i get my hardware id ?

A: You do not need this. Take the licence and install it


Q: what is a HW ID gen. ? it generiert a id from my pc o.k but when use a luncher need a hw id gen.?

A: Yes it generiert a HW ID from your PC, you can copy in the licence file, but i don`t do it and it works


Q: Does this version support Guided Fault Finding?

A: The ODIS-E you not use it m8 for diagnosis you use it just for to flashing ecu’s…….
For the guided fault finding use the ODIS-S and be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Q: Does this version work on Win7?

A: Only in W7 will work properly


Q: Work for flash?

A: This works only for diagnosis purpose but if you want it to flash, it’s said that only ODIS Enginnering 3.0.3 and 5.0.14 work.

Eidt: i’m flashing my golf6 with odis-e 6.2.2 .(Radio System) this was good


Q: Installing postsetup is not possible. I have also tried to rename “postsetup” in “updates” and “Odis” in “ODIS_Engineering” but nothing changed. Do you know any solution?

A: you are only to rename odis to ODIS_Engineering and choose the fold where your trade-retail folder is located to make update


Q: I cant install the postsetup:
– ISO mounted in virtual drive – track ok – nothing – red line
– ISO unrared to drive C:\postsetup – nothing
– Hard Link alredy installed – nothing!
– tested on Win7 x32 and Win7 x64 – grrrrr…
where is the problem??

A: I think path to the postsetup need to have correct structure. Like it was in zip archive.
C:\ I think is not enough


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