(solved) SVT not work after ISTA/P programming on BMW X5 2010

Something with my BMW X5 2010 programming with BMW ICOM NEXT working ISTA/P. Hope this helps.

I have ICOM NEXT; it’s a new firmware.

I have a E70 X5 2010.

The car had ilevel E070-10-12-503 so client wanted to update car.
Update was successful without any errors by ISTA/P with ilevel E070-16-07-505.
But after programming i turned on Rheingold and started Diagnostic process.
on Control Unit Tree there was SVT Control Unit turned into RED.

(as far as i know there wasn’t SVT controller on Control Unit Tree)


I was trying to find what is wrong.
Tried to find Fuse for SVT controller and i found that this is Fuse F20

Placed a new fuse into F20 place –> not solved!
Disconnected battery for more than 24h and after reconnecting–> not solved!
Some photos of ISTA-P…







Post this topic on the forum… Something useful…

Someone said he had some problem with DSC on a X6 e71, after i delete errors, the DSC control unit turns RED and stopped working, and his friend from bmw told him to take care with ICOM clones with newer versions of ISTA+ and ISTA/P.

Also I was advised to make a test plan to SVT and look for wiring diagrams, check power +12 or ground to that module. Check FUSES.




Read lots of tips as above. And finally the problem SOLVED.
The issue was Rheingold version; it was too old... Now i installed Rheingold 4.02 and it does not see SVT controller on the list.


Note: It’s not a good choice to update ourselves with ISTA P only if it is really necessary. Just on control unit change.

(BIG THANKS to all in the CT Community)

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